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"Best Places for Last Minute Gifts in Seattle"

If you’re shopping for a true Seattleite, you will want to come into Mort’s Cabin and browse the wide assortment of gift items that are a reflection of life in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. Some have called Mort’s Cabin a “quirky” place to shop, but if you’re from the area, you’ll appreciate the vintage gems sold here, including rustic home decor pieces, funky lamps and lampshades, cozy home furnishings and unique, hard-to-find posters and signs.


"Meet the Taxidermic Animal Heads of Seattle's Bars"
Seattle Met Nosh Pit

Assembly Hall Juice and Coffee

The prize-winning elk at the sitting area by T-Doug's new juice bar is named Big Mountain. And big are those antlers. The huge rack is actually a shed from another elk. It was found in the woods and then affixed to Big Mountain. The result is so heavy that Big Mountain stays perched on a podium instead of on the wall. Before you start to picture Tom Douglas in camo with a crossbow (ah, too late), the head came from Mort’s Cabin, a kitschy lighting and furnishing shop in Eastlake.

Drink like the Big Mountain: A shot of Burnside bourbon with a pint of house pressed Washington apple cider. That's my kind of juice bar.


The Old Post
"Homemade Chili, Duck Dodge, and Mort's Cabin!"


Mort's Cabin was mentioned in
the July 2011 issue of Seattle Magazine

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"There are a million stories in the Naked City.  And this is one of them."
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Daily Journal of Commerce
January 29, 2008


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As seen in The Seattle Times "Northwest Life" 1 February 2004

"A stranger with close-cropped hair walks by, hesitates, then knocks at the small store's window.  Perhaps he's drawn by the golden glow of low-wattage bulbs through amber shades.  Maybe he's intrigued by the impish cookie-jar faces of Howdy Doody, Tigger and something that might be a lion (but is most definitely part cowboy)."  More...



Press Release reporting Original Shop Opening
1 January 2003