Press Release
1 January 2003


MORT’S CABIN is a place where childhood memories embrace the spirit and magnificent beauty that is Washington State. Darold Andersen, owner, named his shop in memory of his father MORT, who likewise had a deep love of the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. “I feel blessed with many wonderful childhood memories of our cabin along the Nisqually River, skiing at Paradise on Mt. Rainier, stream fishing, hiking, and clam digging at the ocean.”

Interior of Mort's Cabin @ 3202 Harvard Ave. E., SeattleDarold’s work in shade making and lighting design aspires to capture and celebrate the spirit of the Pacific Northwest, the folk art of the early rustic camp style, and the American arts and crafts movement, with inspirations coming from nature, Native American blankets and baskets, and, of course, “The Mountain”. A major turning point and creative surge followed a camping tour of the great lodges of the West he took in 1997.

All shade designs are one of a kind and made from parchment, hand-cut deer hide lacing, vintage fabric, willow, leaf material, antler, and found objects. Some lighting designs are collaborated with other craftsman, with the end result being a unique, one of a kind object of art.

The shop functions as a working studio for shade making and a gallery for a lifetime of collecting “vintage cool stuff.” The showroom is filled with Pacific Northwest memorabilia and cabin collectibles along with ceiling fixtures made from snowshoes and table lamps with handmade art pottery bases. Darold meets with clients and decorators around a vintage 50’s chrome kitchen table, making the setting warm and casual.

Shades can take from several hours to weeks to construct, and range in price from $58 to $900. The average shade price is $280.

Darold opened his shop (Dec. 12, 2001) after years of having his dining room and living space in his Wallingford home serve as his work studio. The shop is open by appointment or when Darold’s working on projects in the back room. “I want to be like the village cobbler, but instead of shoes, I make old-fashioned parchment lamp shades for that lamp from the attic that needs to come to life again, and a store-bought stock shade just won’t do.”

Stop by MORT’S CABIN at 3202 Harvard Ave. East, one block south of the University Bridge. There is free parking at the door and in the lot next to the building. Calling ahead or making an appointment is highly recommended. The phone/fax number is (206) 323-MORT (6678).


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